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Your Solution

for data and information governance


Providing governance awareness, reconciliation controls and light master data management


A structure to understand and a methodology to govern your organization's data


Experienced team in bridging business drivers with light-weight technology solutions

MetaGovernance addresses both your immediate needs and long-term objectives, providing the tools to solve a multitude of problems.

  • Audit, compliance, and operational risks
  • Stalled or under-performing intelligence efforts
  • Overlapping data initiatives
  • New information governance initiatives

Get started now with one of our bundled or customized service offerings.

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Information Governance QuickStart Program:
Go from ”Zero to 60” by implementing an Information Governance program in less than 3 months for a pre-determined price.  Software and professional services included. More

Reconciliation Control Framework Startup Program:
Set up reconciliation controls that verify the consistency of a business attribute across data instances and use cases for a pre-determined price.  Software and professional services included. More

Customized Services:
Based on where you are on your information governance journey and your key business drivers, MetaGovernance offers customized and targeted solutions utilizing our unique combination of software, framework, and expertise. More

Software Only Packages:
Cloud based or on-site solutions for information governance, reconciliation, and auditable data management.  Priced to keep your costs under control during initial phases and to grow as your program grows. More