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InfoCheckTM module provides a virtual insurance policy that information used for reporting is consistent across your organization. An InfoCheck implementation creates a data quality baseline and then normalizes information against this baseline to provide evidence of accuracy or identification of issues. InfoCheck leverages the Reconciliation Control Framework and the metadata in its companion product, InfoGov, to build a set of controls that verify the accuracy of key business attributes across the enterprise. Customers achieve accuracy and integrity in data used for financial reporting that significantly reduces operational, compliance, regulatory, and reputation risk.

Process / Features

  1. Identify the source data objects – Define the location of a data item (data source) as it is stored in a source system or file. Data objects can be extracted from many data source types including RDBMS data bases, XML, spreadsheets, data warehouse schema, Access data bases, flat files, PDFs, and more.  Smart search capabilities are available to identify the correct data objects.  SQL and stored procedures can be used to identify a unique data object in a complex database.
  2. Link the data objects to a business attribute – Linking the physical data object to a logical business attribute is a key to simplifying the setup of a control.
  3. Define the control -Data is selected for comparison at the logical business attribute level.  Summation comparison, detail comparisons, comparisons to a preset value are among the available options.  Once selected, define the timing of the control, the methodology to be used to compare the data objects, error thresholds (sensitivity), formatting of results, and notification rules.
  4. Run the control – the control can be executed on a schedule or on demand.
  5. View Results – synopsis of results is delivered via email based on defined preferences – daily, as executed, errors only, etc. .
  6. Track and Monitor – Control errors are automatically entered into the incident tracking function.  Results can be tracked over time.  Metrics and trending can be developed for control results.

Target Client

Designed for clients wishing to deploy technology to eliminate the verification and reconciliation “tax” that exists in most organizations to manually collect and reconcile data, or clients wishing to eliminate the manual preparation of spreadsheets needed to prove consistency in reporting environments or across multiple systems.

See our Audiences and Solutions sections for many more use cases.


Because of its accessing to client data, InfoCheckTM has only on-promise option available. It requires for integration with InfoGov.


Software is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis.  The software is also available as part of a bundled service offering that includes professional services for a fixed fee or on a customized basis.  

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