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As an organization becomes aware of the ways in which Data Governance solves data issues, leaders and practitioners begin to actively support governance initiatives. Identifying data owners for high value or high risk subject areas is a significant step forward in establishing accountability. When people see the value of governance and take responsibility for the data, the organization starts to move in the right direction of Total Data Quality.

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Governance requirements and operation must be integrated into existing processes. This introduces minimal interruption to ‘business as usual’. When people, process and technology are aligned, good habits make doing the right thing the default behavior.


As stakeholders see the results of governance with trusted data, more departments align themselves with the governance practice. Data analysts start to demand that data issues be solved from the root to prevent recurrence. The organization starts to transform into a data-savvy culture.


When the data-savvy culture sweeps through the entire organization, governance becomes second nature to all data practitioners. A new state of Total Data Quality will emerge. Analysts spend more time analyzing and less time collecting and checking data. Decision makers trust reports and expect good data to support decisions.

Why Our Approach is Different

Practical and Non-invasive:

Our experience proves that having a holistic view of the enterprise’s desired vision will ensure any solutions, short-term or long-term, be sustainable and more efficient. We believe delivering smaller but repeatable wins will provide value faster to the business and gain more trusted partners.


  • Right-sized tools – We don’t define needs in terms of expensive technology. Big toolsets mean big investment and expensive maintenance commitments. Small toolsets do not have to be disjointed or piecemeal with a lack of cohesiveness.
  • Solve problems at the root – We focus on solving the right problem from the root with right-sized solutions, with or without technology.
  • Integrated practices –  Governance is awareness and discipline, which can be incorporated into existing compliance processes without adding additional workload. In most cases, workload and cost are reduced via streamlined processes and automatic controls.

Sustainable Solutions:

Business-leading governance solutions should complement existing business operations and skills. It will become a crucial part of daily operation, such as automatic reconciliation for SOX controls and notifications.

Our team is experienced in organizational development including recruitment, mentoring and retention. MetaGovernance can be a strategic partnership on your Data Governance, Information Governance and CDO services. Learn more from our Service Offerings section.

Agile Delivery Methodology

MetaGovernance uses an agile approach to focus on deliverables that are valuable to your business. The repeated success can roll through from one business area to another while productivity increases and data risk is managed. These are delivered through close collaboration of business stakeholders. These successes deliver measurable benefits, and tangible ROIs. Whenever possible, we start from high value/risk data areas to bring more immediate benefit and return on investment. 

Our Quickstart Programs are built around agile methodology that quickly deliver results in a targeted subject area.  These include Information Governance and Reconciliation Control Framework programs.  Learn more about these programs in our Targeted Services section.

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