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Emergence of the Information Governance Architecture

There is an increasing awareness that Information Governance and Data Governance must be viewed from the enterprise level. Yet to date, there has been no formal architecture defined that encompasses this enterprise view. Over the past 5+ years, the definition of Enterprise Architecture has been refined as part of overall Enterprise Information Management. Advancements in thinking have resulting in a 5-tier architecture, where data and information are separated and associated with either business function at the logical level (information) or raw data assets at the physical level (data). This has resulted in the Enterprise Architecture having the tiers Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Data Architecture, Application Architecture and Technology Architecture. From these tiers, all assets of the enterprise can be defined and their linkages associated. Advancements in metadata thinking are providing these links. There has been an awareness that a Security Architecture is required to look at the security implications across the enterprise. Depictions that show the security architecture as a peer to one of these 5-tier are inaccurate, as Security Architecture must span across all tiers of the Enterprise Architecture. We are seeing, in this same light, that there is emerging the need for a formal Governance Architecture that also spans all aspects of the Enterprise Architecture. In fact, peer to Security Architecture. Metadata, the series of business and technology rules, define and become the glue that binds all aspects of these architectures to each other, and to the business and technology. Data Governance is fully encapsulated within Information Governance. We therefore refer to this emerging discipline as the Information Governance Architecture. This blog will focus on the definition, business value, and technical value of this emerging discipline, along with the metadata components needed to clearly specify and manage all aspects of governance.