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Services We Offer

Governance As-A-Service

 • Outsourced services for GRC
 • Visibility to hidden data risks
 • Cloud-based AwarenessMatrixTM

Enterprise Data Warehouse
and Reporting

• Single source of truth
• Automatic reporting
• Business Intelligence (BI)

Enterprise Data Governance

• Review architecture integration
• Review EDW data model efficiency
• Managed data lakes

Business Process optimization

• Streamline existing processes
• Automatic controls
• Spreadsheet reduction

Project Management

• System integration with EDW
• Delivery management
• Data-related exam-findings

Enterprise Data and
Information Governance

• Data strategy & implementation
• Metadata management
• Automatic reconciliation controls

─── Getting Started with Targeted Services ───

GSE Focused Services

Government Sponsored Enterprises have their own governance challenges due to its highly regulated nature. MetaGovenance team has an unparalleled collective knowledge about GSE data, process, reporting and regulatory knowledge. Our approach is a simple, flexible and right-sized operational program that helps GSEs to turn data from a liability into valued assets. Learn more about our approach from a brochure for details, and download a free strategic road map to trusted data.

Governance Quickstart Program

Go from “Zero to 60” by setting up your organization’s governance architecture for a subject area in less than 3 months at a fixed price. This reduces risk and controls your up-front costs. Professional services and MetaGovernance Framework are included. Technology solution is optional.

Reconciliation Controls QuickStart Program​

Save time and effort on reconciliation controls. Our InfoCheck™ module works with InfoGov™ to leverage the governance architecture metadata to establish reconciliation controls. Professional services, MetaGovernance Framework and InfoCheck™ technology are included.

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