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Technology To Govern™

The MGI Suite Products

The MetaGovernance framework utilizes toolset from our technology partner Information Governance Technologies, Inc. (IGT) to capture the information architecture of an organization and then leverages that information to automate reconciliation controls within the organization. The platform has now been extended to handle master and transaction data input in a controlled manner to address audit and regulatory issues.

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Information Governance Framework™:
Our patent-pending InfoGov module captures the full set of data and linkages that comprise an organization's Information Governance Architecture and then extends this information to show the association of processes, workflows, systems, controls, and security requirements. InfoGov turns noise into news on the information landscape.

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Reconciliation Control Framework®:
InfoCheck module provides a virtual insurance policy that information used for reporting is consistent across your organization. Leveraging the information governance architecture from InfoGov, our patent-pending InfoCheck applies reconciliation controls to create a baseline for data quality and then tests key data attributes against this baseline to provide evidence of accuracy or identification of issues.

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Master Data Management:
InfoStore moves data out of spreadsheets into an auditable, controlled environment rather than resorting to an end user computing application such as a spreadsheet. Avoid or resolve audit findings related to uncontrolled data issues in end user computing applications (EUCs) or user-developed applications (UDAs). InfoStore is fully integrated with the entire MGI product suite.