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Strategic Planning Method

Where are you on your data or Information Management journey? What is your key business objective?

These are the key questions that need to be addressed for effective strategic implementation of a data initiative. MetaGovernance offers customized, targeted solutions based on your key business objectives, your stage in the journey and your vision of the future state.

When you are not sure where to begin your governance journey, we help you chart your path by completing our proprietary planning exercise. MetaGovernance has adopted a strategic planning model from Daedalean Associates called Navigating to the Future (NTTF), which is an application of applied system thinking.  This model can help your organization navigate the optimum path to your business goals.

Don’t travel alone. We have helped many organizations charting their courses as a trusted partner. Our experience, technical knowledge and change management insights can help you get where you want to go. 

MetaGovernance leverages insight triangulation, the working mechanism for NTTF. Insight triangulation enables us to identify and address barriers and find an optimum solution. A more detailed description of the NTTF model can be found at the Resources section.

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