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Technology To GovernTM

Technology alone is not governance

…but it does ease the burden of the most dedicated and knowledgeable data workers

Technology must complement a well-understood governance process & have a justifiable return on investment.

In cases you do not have a governance platform yet, MetaGoveranance has a preferred partnership with Information Governance Technologies, Inc (IGT). The InfoTrust™ governance platform is robust enough to meet your governance needs, but light enough to work seamlessly in your environment.

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Information Governance Framework™:

This module captures the organization’s full set of metadata and its linkages to processes, workflows, systems, controls, and security class. InfoGov turns noise into insight.

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Reconciliation Control Framework™:

This module provides a virtual insurance policy. It ensures that information used for reporting is consistent across organization. It applies reconciliation controls to create a baseline of data quality.


Lightweight Master Data Management:

InfoStore moves data from spreadsheets into an auditable, controlled environment. This technology helps to avoid or resolve audit findings related to uncontrolled manual operation data issues.


Fully Reconciled Data Platform:

InfoMart provides a controlled data and reporting environment which servers as a single version of truth that integrates predefined databases, controls and business processes.

Governance platforms should have these features:

  • Business Focused: Incorporates business knowledge and terminology
  • Comprehensive Metadata: Captures multiple stakeholders, systems, classifications, catalog, business glossary and lineage
  • Right-sized: Easy to implement and intuitive to use
  • Automation: Reconciliation controls for operation and financial reporting
  • Risk Reduction: Data management from controlled and uncontrolled sources
  • Governance Awareness: Dashboards and other indicators of quality

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