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The Information Governance Architecture

The Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEA) was one of the initial governance frameworks that showed security and privacy as a construct traversing all tiers of an Enterprise Architecture. FEA included other disciplines in their cross-architecture framework such as project management, capital planning, etc. MetaGovernance proposes that the Information Governance Architecture framework, like the Security framework, must cross all tiers of the Enterprise Architecture. Like Data Governance, Metadata Governance is an integral component of any Information Governance architecture. Metadata (business rules) can be used to define all aspects of the Enterprise Architecture. In his groundbreaking work, “Mind and Nature”, Gregory Bateson spoke of meta-patterns as the patterns that connect. In the case of Information Governance, metadata becomes the glue that binds all aspects of business and technology to each other, and to the organizational and stakeholder objectives. Through a series of blogs, we will provide guidance on practical application of this cross business view of architecture, both from a governance and metadata perspective.