Our Experience

After many years of experience addressing data issues in large organizations, we have learned that:Simplified Information Governance

  1. Information governance requires an understanding of the underlying information governance   and data governance architecture of the organization in order to be effective.
  2. Information governance requires an effective suite of software tools to capture the interrelationships of the underlying metadata and architecture of the organization.
  3. Without effective reconciliation controls, data and information governance policies and procedures operate in a vacuum without measurable benefits.
  4. A dedicated internal team with senior management support is necessary to build a sustainable program.  This can be combined with targeted professional services until the internal team gains the necessary training and experience.
  5. A consistent but adaptable framework that includes the information architecture model, software, reconciliation controls, targeted professional services, templates, and planning methodologies will lead to a successful implementation of a sustainable information governance program.

Our Mission

MetaGovernance’s mission is to create and offer the world’s premiere technology-empowered information governance framework enabling clients to manage, harness, optimize, and leverage their information assets to achieve organizational objectives in a sustainable, cost-effective manner.

Our Team

MetaGovernance has assembled a team with unparalleled expertise in information strategy, executive management, and governance solutions, coupled with broad business and technical experience.

Steve Zagoudis

Steve Zagoudis

Founder and CEO

Steve has significant corporate experience directing IT and information governance efforts at Standard Oil, BP Worldwide, Sequent, IBM, Goldman-Sachs and a number of Federal Home Loan Banks. Steve has worked with executive-level management to drive business and competitive advantage through the optimal use of an organization’s information assets.  Steve's passion led him to create an integrated information governance and reconciliation control software suite as the cornerstone for delivering information management solutions to his clients.


Tami Flowers

Tami Flowers

Director of Information Governance Solutions

Tami Flowers is an information strategist with 20 years experience advancing business objectives through applied technology. Her areas of expertise include business process improvement, information governance, complex financial and accounting systems, business intelligence, and efficiency in systems program and project delivery through an Agile framework.

Bill Nicksin

Bill Nicksin

Founder and COO

Prior to joining MetaGovernance as the COO, Bill was the Chief Information Officer for a 40 billion dollar financial institution. He has executive leadership experience, software development and technology support management experience, as well as leadership experience in software design, development, and delivery.  As CIO, Bill worked with Steve to deliver information management solutions to his Bank.  They subsequently started MetaGovernance to define and build an automated software solution for establishing an integrated information governance and reconciliation control framework for their clients.

Goran Cetusic

Director of Application Development 

Goran Cetusic has over fourteen years of experience in the IT industry.  He has worked in software development, consulting, recruitment and training positions. As a business analyst and a software architect in the banking sector, Goran worked on new product development, and business process optimizations. Goran also has experience in property and facility management, providing strong IT infrastructure and development support for clients world-wide.  Goran has leveraged this experience to lead the development efforts for the MGI software suit; InfoGov, InfoCheck, and InfoStore.