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About MetaGovernance

─── Mission ───

MetaGovernance’s mission is to help organizations trust their data.

── What we do ──

We partner with clients to identify business drivers. We then recommend and implement efficient processes and right-sized solutions that transform questionable data into high quality, reliable information that fuels business decisions and ensures compliance.

── How we do it ──

We employ holistic methods for implementing Data and Information Governance. We start with your business drivers to develop a governance road map. We build your organizational proficiency. We leverage technology to support your governance goals.

We believe that right-sized technology should complement the governance process and not overwhelm it. We know that change is a process that requires diligence and early evidence of success. We minimize disruption by leveraging existing processes and infrastructure.

── Who we are ──

The MetaGovernance team is composed of practitioners with a passion for solving complex information management problems. We have been involved in numerous enterprise information management initiatives. We understand what works, what can go wrong and how to fix it.

We have implemented successful governance programs in a variety of industries including GSEs, Finance, Entertainment, Capital Markets, Energy, Government, Healthcare and Telecommunications. Based in Atlanta, we have satellite offices throughout the U.S. and a national client base.

Our team members have held staff positions and key leadership positions at financial institutions. Our collective resume includes titles such as CIO, Controller, Risk Management Data Specialist, Director of Data Governance & Reporting, Application & Delivery Manager, Enterprise Architect, Business Process Manager & Project Manager.

Our team has worked directly with internal and external auditors of various financial institutions. Our experience enables us to execute programs to effectively manage and govern your information assets in a very cost-effective manner. MetaGovernance has completed myriad types of projects listed here.

MetaGovernance was founded in 2008 by Steve Zagoudis. He has substantial corporate experience directing IT, data governance and information governance efforts at BP, IBM, Goldman, and the Federal Home Loan Banks. Steve has repeatedly demonstrated the value of governance controls in the world of structured and unstructured big data. He has led teams and restored several  failed data warehouses by improving confidence in the data and by adding control automation. MetaGovernance team has fine-tuned Enterprise Data Warehouse model to handle complex GSE data and regulatory reporting.  


── team Lessons Learned ──

After many years of combined experience addressing data issues in large organizations, we have learned that:

  1. Information Governance requires an understanding of the underlying Information Governance and Data Governance architecture of the organization in order to be effective.
  2. Information Governance requires an effective suite of technology tools to capture the interrelationships of the underlying metadata and architecture of the organization.
  3. Without effective Reconciliation Controls, Data and Information Governance policies and procedures operate in a vacuum without measurable benefits.
  4. A dedicated internal team with senior management support is necessary to build a sustainable program.  This can be combined with targeted professional services until the internal team gains the necessary training and experience.
  5. A consistent but adaptable framework that includes the information architecture model, technology, reconciliation controls, targeted professional services, templates, and planning methodologies lead to a successful implementation of a sustainable Information Governance program.

── Technology Partner ──

Information Governance Technologies is our preferred partner for Data Governance and Information Governance tool implementations.

Technology to understand, trust and manage data.

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